Set up Braze

Braze is an Adjust module partner. Our integration lets Braze receive attribution and app event data through automated callbacks.

Use our basic setup instructions to turn on Adjust’s integration and send callbacks to Braze. Then, use our advanced setup instructions to customize what information Braze receives.

Basic setup

To turn on Adjust’s integration with Braze, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > ADD PARTNERS
  3. Select Add (+icon) next to Braze
  4. Enter your INSTALL API KEY, EVENT API KEY and ENDPOINT (contact your Braze representative for help finding these)
  5. Optional: see advanced setup to customize your callbacks
  6. Select Save

Well done! Basic setup is complete. Braze will receive callbacks for these activities:

  • install
  • event

Advanced setup

Choose which data Braze receives from Adjust by customizing your setup.

Forward in-app revenue

Revenue forwarding lets Braze receive revenue amounts along with your revenue event data.

To forward in-app revenue to Braze, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > Braze
  3. Turn on In-App Revenue Forwarding

Now Braze will receive the revenue amount for every tracked transaction.


Note: Link at least one revenue event to Braze before turning on Revenue Forwarding


Forward custom data

Partner parameters (available in Adjust SDK version 4.0+) let Adjust collect custom data points from your app and send them to Braze.

Note: Before adding new partner parameters to the Adjust SDK, make sure no pre-existing partner parameters already fit your requirements.

To forward partner parameters to Braze, follow these steps.

  1. Set up partner parameters within the Adjust SDK (instructions for iOS and Android)
  2. In the Adjust dashboard, find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  3. Select Partner Setup > Braze
  4. Turn on Parameter Forwarding
  5. Select Partner Parameter Mapping
  6. In the FROM APP field, enter the name of your Adjust parameter (as written into the Adjust SDK). In the TO PARTNER field, enter your corresponding Braze name.
  7. Select Save

Now Braze will receive custom event details for each of your linked events.


Note: If you set up partner parameters within the Adjust SDK without turning on Partner Parameter Mapping, Adjust forwards the parameters as named in the Adjust SDK.


Partner specific setup instructions

Note-- the Endpoint protocol should not be entered; so please ensure that you do not include `https://` in the activation field. Last but not least, be aware that Braze requires specific parameters in order to receive callback data.

Predefined parameters

Braze allows you to send a set of predefined parameters. If you attach any of these parameters to an event in your adjust SDK, these will be forwarded to Braze. You can find out more about attaching partner parameters in the SDK readme specific to the SDK or SDKs you are working with. Below is a list of the defined parameters that Braze accepts:

Parameter key > Value

  • external_id > mandatory for sending events to Braze
  • braze_device_id > mandatory for sending any Android data to Braze
  • product_id > mandatory for sending revenue events to Braze

To send event callbacks to Braze, you must implement `external_id` as an event partner parameter within the Adjust SDK. For revenue event forwarding, you should also set up product_id as a partner parameter for events.

For Android apps, you must also implement `braze_device_id` as both a session and event partner parameter. Finally, for revenue event forwarding, you must also set up `product_id` as a partner parameter for revenue events. Please note that Braze does not support Organic, Facebook, or Twitter data so callbacks for these trackers will not be sent.  

List of all parameters forwarded to Braze

Braze requires Adjust to send the following parameters (data points) with your callbacks:

Placeholder Information
{adgroup_name} Adgroup name, as taken from the tracker
{app_id} Store App ID or Google Play Store
{campaign_name} Campaign name, as taken from the tracker
{created_at} Activity timestamp
{creative_name} Creative name, as taken from the tracker
{currency} Original ISO 4217 currency code sent from Adjust SDK
{idfa} ID for advertisers (iOS only)
{network_name} Network name, as taken from the tracker
{partner_parameters} Custom partner parameters collected by the Adjust SDK or S2S request and transmitted to third party providers via postbacks
{revenue} Revenue, as sent from Adjust SDK in cents
{win_adid} Windows advertising identifier