Multi-Touch tracking
Most users engage with multiple ads before installing your app. With Adjust Multi-Touch, you see all of the pre-conversion engagements reported by self-attributing networks—not just attributions. This offers you heightened visibility into your user's journey and a better understanding of your performance marketing campaigns.

Here, you'll find Multi-Touch setup instructions, best practices, and frequently asked questions.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.

Availability Requirements
  • An internal business intelligence system that can handle large amounts of real-time data
  • A data analyzer to interpret Multi-Touch data

Set up Adjust Multi-Touch

Adjust Multi-Touch delivers pre-conversion engagements in your raw data exports. There are two ways to set up Multi-Touch:

Multi-Touch with real-time callbacks

To send Multi-Touch data to your internal servers or business intelligence solution, follow these steps.
  1. Find your app and select your app options caret ( ^ )
  2. Select All Settings > Raw Data Export > Real-Time Callbacks
  3. Select Edit (pencil icon) next to self-attributing network click
  4. Enter a callback URL (see recommended placeholders for self-attributing network click / impression callback URLs)
  5. Select Update
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for each of the following events:
    • self-attributing network impression
    • clicks
    • impressions
    • install
    • session
    • reattribution
All done! Now Adjust will send all Multi-Touch data points to your servers.

Note: Multi-Touch activities are only available in single event callbacks (not global).

Multi-Touch with CSV uploads

To send Multi-Touch data to your cloud storage bucket, follow these steps.
  1. Find your app and select your app options caret ( ^ )
  2. Select All Settings > Raw Data Export > CSV Uploads
  3. If needed, select your storage provider and enter your credentials
  4. Select Events for Export and select the following events:
    • impression
    • click
    • install
    • session
    • reattribution
    • SAN impression
    • SAN click
  5. Select OK
  6. Enter a CSV definition that includes our recommended placeholders
  7. Select Save
Finished! Now Adjust will send all multi-touch data points to your cloud storage bucket.


What can I do with my Multi-Touch data?

Use Multi-Touch to learn about your users’ journeys and target your ad spend. This data reveals trends about valuable user sources and effective marketing strategies. You can also use Multi-Touch data for in-house event-based attribution separate from Adjust's install attribution.

Does Adjust use Multi-Touch data for attribution?

Adjust considers every engagement that qualifies for attribution. Multi-Touch doesn't change this process—it just shows you additional data.

Where can I access my Multi-Touch data?

You can access your Multi-Touch data within your own BI system (through real-time callbacks) and/or your cloud storage bucket (through CSV uploads). Multi-Touch data doesn’t display in the Adjust dashboard.

When does Adjust send my Multi-Touch data?

As soon as possible. When Adjust receives a self-attributing network click or impression, we immediately send a real-time callback to your servers (or upload a CSV file to your cloud storage within an hour). Note that self-attributing networks don’t report engagements in real-time - they send us clicks and impressions after we report an install, session, or event with a matching advertising ID.

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