Multi-touch tracking
Your users often engage with multiple ads on their way to an install, reattribution, purchase, or other event. With Adjust Multi-Touch, you can use this engagement data to analyze, optimize, and uplift your marketing campaigns.

When you set up multi-touch in your raw data exports, Adjust sends all pre-conversion clicks and impressions reported by self-attributing networks. You can compare these to your Adjust-tracked attributions to gain user journey insights and identify valuable touchpoints.

Read on for setup instructions, best practices, and FAQs.

  • Adjust's Multi-Touch solution package (for more information, please contact your account manager or
  • Your own internal business intelligence system capable of ingesting large amounts of data in real time
  • Your own data analysis process to analyze and interpret multi-touch data

Set up Adjust Multi-Touch

You can send multi-touch data to your servers / business intelligence system using Adjust’s real-time callbacks. You can also send multi-touch data to your cloud storage (e.g., Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage) using CSV uploads.

Multi-touch with real-time callbacks

To send multi-touch data to your internal servers or business intelligence solution, follow the steps below.

In the Adjust dashboard
  1. Navigate to your app and select your app options caret ( ^ )
  2. Select All Settings > Raw Data Export > Real-Time Callbacks
  3. Select the edit icon next to self-attributing network click
  4. Enter a callback URL*
  5. Select Update
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for each of the following events:
    • self-attributing network impression
    • clicks
    • impressions
    • install
    • session
    • reattribution
* We recommend including these placeholders in your self-attributing network click and self-attributing impression callback URLs. This allows you to accurately map multi-touch engagements to attributions.

Once complete, Adjust will ping your server endpoint with all multi-touch data points.

Multi-touch with CSV uploads

To send multi-touch data to your cloud storage bucket, follow the steps below.

In the Adjust dashboard
  1. Navigate to your app and select your app options caret ( ^ )
  2. Select All Settings > Raw Data Export > CSV Uploads
  3. If needed, select your storage provider and enter your credentials
  4. Select Events for Export and select the following events:
    • impression
    • click
    • install
    • session
    • reattribution
    • SAN impression
    • SAN click
  5. Select OK
  6. Enter a CSV definition that includes our recommended placeholders
  7. Select Save
Once complete, Adjust will start to send all multi-touch data points to your storage bucket.


What can I do with my multi-touch data?

Multi-touch allows you to focus your ad spend, launch targeted advertising, and gain insight into your users’ journeys. These engagements can reveal trends about common sources that provide valuable users, or identify marketing strategies that uplift other campaigns. You can also use this data for in-house event-based attribution, separate from the install attribution provided by Adjust.

Does Adjust use multi-touch data for attribution?

Adjust Multi-Touch does not change our attribution funnel. (We always take every eligible click/impression into account when determining last-touch attribution.) Multi-touch simply gives you access to additional engagement data. With multi-touch, you can see every self-attributing network click and impression we receive -- not just the self-attributing network engagements credited with attribution.

Where can I access my multi-touch data?

You can access your multi-touch data within your own BI system (through real-time callbacks) and/or your cloud storage bucket (through CSV uploads). Multi-touch data doesn’t appear in the Adjust dashboard.

When does Adjust send my multi-touch data?

When Adjust receives a self-attributing network click or impression, we immediately send a real-time callback to your servers (or upload a CSV file to your cloud storage within an hour). Note that self-attributing networks don’t report engagements in real time. They only send Adjust clicks and impressions after we report an install, session, or event with a matching device ID.

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