Audience Builder
With the Adjust Audience Builder you can create customized user lists, right in your Adjust dashboard. Set conditions to classify users based on, e.g., their unique mobile app platform, device identification type, and in-app behavior. Then, split your audiences into group lists to share with your preferred mobile ad networks for retargeting campaigns, A/B testing, and more. Continue reading to learn more about building audiences and using conditions to make sophisticated marketing decisions. 

All user data in the Adjust Audience Builder is privacy compliant. It is stored separately from other statistics reporting and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

The basics

What is an audience?

An audience is a collection of users that meet a certain set of conditions. More specifically, it is a dynamic list of device identifiers (advertising IDs or push tokens) that have been selected based on the conditions you’ve applied. Every time you or a partner downloads an audience, it will automatically contain the most up-to-date user list available. 

Audiences are not limited to users from a single app. This means that your audiences can consist of users from all of your Adjust-tracked apps.  

What are conditions? 

Conditions are the distinct attributes selected to determine the types of users within your audience. 

When creating your audience, set any one of the following conditions: 
  • Apps (required)
  • Trackers (network level)*
  • Countries
  • App status**
    • Install time (only available when you select Installed only in App status)
    • Uninstall time (only available when you select Uninstalled in App status)
    • Reinstall time (only available when you selected Reinstalled in App Status)
  • Device types
  • Install time
  • Last session
  • Attributions
  • Events
  • Revenue events
  • Total time spent
  • Total revenue***
  • Attribution source 
*Condition is unavailable if all apps is selected
**Condition only available when you have purchased our uninstall and reinstall tracking package. Contact for more information.
 ***Condition only available on apps using the same currency

There is no limit to the amount of conditions you can set. All conditions can be combined with expressions (outlined below) to determine which users will be included in your audience. 

Some conditions can be extended to include multiple qualifications. Whenever a condition is filled with more than one qualifier, it implies that the condition may be applied to each qualifier individually. For example, if you set a condition for countries to include the United Kingdom and Russia, it will filter your list to include devices from the United Kingdom or Russia.

When conditions are separated by condition type (defined above) it denotes an “and” property. This means that when more than one condition is set at the field level, all conditions apply. For example, if you set a condition to include users who have triggered 5 revenue events and another condition to include devices from Austria, then all users within your audience will have triggered 5 revenue events and be in Austria.

To delete a condition, simply select the trash icon, located on the far right of the condition field. To edit a condition, select the gear icon.

What are expressions?

Expressions are parameters for conditions. 

Expression availability varies by condition. The Adjust Audience Builder allows you to filter your data with the following expressions: 
  • Include
  • Exclude
  • Less than
  • Fewer than
  • More than
  • Since
Please remember that if you select Include it will only include the selected condition, e.g., if you select Revenue events > Include > 14, it will exclude all users who triggered any other number of revenue events.

If you select Exclude, it will exclude affected users regardless of any other conditions, e.g.:
  • Select Apps > Include > myapp1 > myapp2
  • Select Countries > Exclude > Germany

All users from Germany will be excluded from your audience, even if they use myapp1 or myapp2.

Audience Builder FAQs

How often is an audience CSV updated?

Audience CSVs are updated in real time. Therefore, each time that you or a partner downloads an audience it will automatically contain the most up-to-date user list available. 

Why can't I select the Trackers condition with multiple apps?

When you select an app for your audience, Adjust pulls a real-time list of all the tracker tokens associated with that app; for multiple apps, this could require a considerable number of tokens. As the time it takes to compile this information far exceeds our usability guidelines, we have limited the availability of these conditions to single-app audiences.

Does my audience include users that have enabled LAT?

Audiences created in the Adjust Audience Builder do not include devices with limit ad tracking (LAT) enabled. The Adjust SDK began verifying LAT settings in version 2.1.0 of the iOS SDK and version 3.3.5 of the Android SDK. Any devices running versions of your app with earlier versions of the Adjust SDK are assumed to have LAT enabled and will not be included in your audience.

Which levels of user permissions can access Audience Builder?

Once you have enabled Audience Builder, your Admin and Editor users will be able to access the feature. Reader and Custom-level users will not have access to it.

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