Set up ad spend tracking for Apple Search Ads

Once Adjust is connected to Apple Search Ads, users at the Business Pro level and above can receive aggregated ad spend data for Apple Search Ads campaigns. 

You’ll need two credentials from Apple (your certificate and private key) to complete this step. Log into Apple Search to find yours. You also need to integrate AdSupport and iAd frameworks.

To see your cost data in Adjust, follow these steps:

  1. Select MENU > Partner Ad Accounts 
  2. Select Apple Search Ads 
  3. Select ADD ACCOUNT
  4. Choose SELECT CERTIFICATES to add your certificate and private key. You can upload your files separately or together as a .zip file. 
  5. Once your files are successfully unzipped, select SAVE to upload your certificates

Now Adjust will display aggregated ad spend data in the Cost tab in your Deliverables. 

Note: Your Apple Search Ads certificates expire every two years. Adjust will remind you to update your certificates 90 days before their expiration date, via email and a notification in the dashboard. If your certificates expire, you will see no new ad spend data for your Apple Search campaigns in Adjust until you update them.  

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