Set up Oath Ad Platforms
As an official Oath Ad Platforms Partner, Adjust can track all of your Oath Ad Platforms campaigns.

Use our basic setup instructions to connect Adjust to Oath Ad Platforms and track your campaigns. When you're finished, move on to the advanced setup instructions to forward in-app events.

Basic setup

To connect your Adjust dashboard to Oath Ad Platforms, follow these steps.
  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup
  3. Select ADD PARTNERS, and select Add (+ icon) beside Oath Ad Platforms
  4. Insert your app store App ID in the App ID field
  5. Insert your Oath Ad Platforms Tag ID in the Tag ID field
  6. Select SAVE

Well done! Your basic setup is complete.

Advanced setup

Now that Adjust is connected to Oath Ad Platforms, customize your setup.

Forward in-app events

Event linking lets you forward in-app event data directly to Oath Ad Platforms for more precise targeting. You can link every in-app event in Adjust to preset Oath Ad Platforms name or a custom event name.

To link in-app events to Oath Ad Platforms, follow these steps.
  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > Oath Ad Platforms > Event Linking 
  3. Beneath each Adjust-tracked in-app event you will see two fields: Name and Category. To map an event to Oath Ad Platforms, you will need to update both of these fields as follows. Here's how to locate your event name and category within the Oath Ad Platforms UI.
    • In the Name field, insert the name of the audience segment (255 character limit)
    • In the Category field, use the drop-down menu to select a predefined Oath Ad Platforms event that correlates with your Adjust-tracked event. For reference, the Oath Ad Platforms labels are:
  • gaming
  • engagement
  • lead
  • purchase
  • add_to_cart

Event mapping is flexible, so you can match events at the most granular levels within Oath Ad Platforms.

4.Select SAVE


What Oath Ad Platforms data does Adjust report?

In Adjust, your Oath Ad Platforms data appears as:

  • network (top level): Oath Ad Platforms Installs 
    • campaign (sublevel 1): Campaign ID 
      • ad group (sublevel 2): Site ID 
        • creative (sublevel 3): Creative ID

Where can I find my Tag ID?

To find your Oath Ad Platforms Tag ID, these steps in Oath Ad Platforms.

Where is my event name and category displayed in the Oath Ad Platforms?

To locate event names and categories within Oath Ad Platforms, select Shared Library tab > Conversion Rules > In app events.

Why aren't my Oath Ad Platforms campaigns tracking in Adjust?

There are several possible explanations:

Improper integration setup. Once you've configured Oath Ad Platforms in your Adjust dashboard module, Adjust will track all of your Oath Ad Platforms campaigns, automatically. Full instructions on activating Adjust's integration with Oath Ad Platforms can be found here.

Installs claimed by Oath Ad Platforms fall outside of the attribution window. Adjust will only report installs in instances that conversions have occurred within the applicable attribution window. Therefore, if Oath Ad Platforms reports an install driven outside of Adjust's attribution window, the install could be attributed as organic.

Why does my Adjust dashboard show fewer (or more) installs than Oath Ad Platforms?

In the case of a reported install discrepancy, we always recommend that you consider the following:

Different attribution windows. Confirm that the attribution windows in both platforms are the same. By default, Adjust tracks all installs within a 7-day last-click and 24-hour last-impression window.

Different time zones. Confirm that the time zones in both platforms are the same.

Assess your acquisition strategy. If you are advertising on multiple channels, then is it possible that a reported Oath Ad Platforms user could have been attributed elsewhere within Adjust?

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