Ad spend cost endpoint

Adjust's Partner ad spend push API provides accurate, transparent, and granular ad spend data. Adjust maps the ad spend information using a campaign's cost_id allowing Report Services to report the ad spend data back to the partner.

Before you begin

To integrate with the Partner ad spend push API, you must set up your servers to send a set of mandatory parameters to Adjust through an HTTP POST request to our designated endpoint.

Adjust accepts ad spend data for an engagement up to seven days after it happens. You can send data at any time during this window.


POST request

The POST method sends the ad spend information of a campaing thorugh the cost_id.

The Partner ad spend push API cannot process capital letters. Make sure to input all parameters in lowercase.
ParameterData typeInDescription
cost_type*StringQueryPrice model. Available cost types: cpc, cpi, cpe or cpm
cost_currency*StringQueryISO 4217 currency code. See our full list of supported currencies.
cost_amount*FloatQueryFloat value for the cost
Maximum: 5 decimal places
cost_id*StringQueryA unique value for matching cost information to an engagement
Minimum: 12 characters
Maximum: 256 characters
tag*StringQueryA label used for logging and debugging
Maximum: 128 characters

Example request

curl -d "cost_type=cpi&cost_currency=usd&cost_amount=2&cost_id=abc123_company_name_test_1&tag=company_name_test" -X POST
Not sure how to format your request? Contact our integrations team at


Here is a list of possible server responses:

200Successful response
400Bad request
500Internal server error