Ad spend reporting

With Adjust’s dynamic reporting, you can see your ad spend in real-time. Use this data to identify networks with the best ROI and build your campaign budgets.  

Here, you’ll learn how to find and navigate your ad spend KPI data in the Statistics section of your Adjust dashboard. To set up ad spend tracking and access user-level data, follow these instructions.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before getting started.


  • Admins, and users with cost data access
  • Business Pro (or higher) pricing plan

Helpful information

  • Ad spend is reported in CPM (per thousand impressions), CPC, CPE, and CPI.

View your ad spend

To see your ad spend in Adjust, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Statistics.
  3. Select the Cost tab.

Your Cost overview

Here’s what you’ll see in your default Cost view:

  • A chart: select Switch View (graph icon) to view your data as a graph
  • Data from the current month (the default is this month; you can customize your view in the drop-down menu
  • Four icons; from left to right, these are:
    • Create View (star icon)
    • Download CSV (arrow icon)
    • Switch View (graph icon or chart icon)
    • Filter (funnel icon)
  • Your key performance indicators (KPIs), listed in columns (select a KPI to re-order the rows). For a full breakdown of the cost metrics reported and how they are calculated, visit our cost KPIs glossary.
  • Your ad spend traffic sources, listed in rows, from most installs to least. To see the next level of segmentation (for example, from a network to a campaign), select a traffic source.
Your Organic tracker contains all traffic we can't attribute to any of your other tracked sources. If you run click and impression campaigns but select only one in the ATTRIBUTION TYPE filter, the non-selected type will also appear in your organics.

Your Cost KPIs

KPIs are critical for measuring campaign success. 

To add or remove KPIs from your Cost view, follow these steps:

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Statistics.
  3. Select the Cost tab.
  4. Switch to a chart view.
  5. Select Filter (funnel icon).
  6. Select Column Selection.

You can now see all available KPIs. Use the table below to find out more about your Cost KPIs and calculations.

Cost KPIDescriptionCalculationIn the Dashboard
install_costInstall cost
click_costClick cost
impression_costImpression cost
event_costEvent cost
costTotal costclick_cost + impression_cost + install_cost + event_cost
ecostTotal cost for eCPI, eCPC, and eCPMclick_cost + impression_cost + install_cost
paid_installsThe number of installs, for which there is cost data
paid_clicksThe number of clicks, for which there is cost data
paid_impressionsThe number of impressions, for which there is cost data
cpeTotal cost per eventevent_cost / paid_events 
ecpcEffective cost per clickecpi_cost / paid_clicks
ecpiEffective cost per installecpi_cost / paid_installs
ecpmEffective cost per mille (one thousand impressions)ecpi_cost / paid_impressions * 1000
cohort_gross_profitThe gross profitcohort_all_revenue - cost
return_on_investmentThe ROI metriccohort_gross_profit / cost
rcrThe revenue-to-cost ratiocohort_all_revenue / cost
roasReturn on ad spendcohort_all_revenue / cost *100