CSV uploads to Amazon S3

You can automatically export your raw user data to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket with Adjust's CSV uploads. Follow the steps below to configure the AWS Management Console and the Adjust dashboard.

Once you have set up the export, you will receive hourly CSV uploads to your storage bucket. You can use this raw data to build your own database and analyze your users the way you want.

Set up your project in the AWS Management Console

  1. Create a dedicated S3 bucket to store your exported data. Make a note of the bucket name so that you can create a policy and add the bucket to your Adjust dashboard later.
  2. Create a new IAM user. This user should be used only for accessing the S3 bucket you have created for the data export. Give the user programmatic access.
  3. Copy the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key of the newly created IAM user. Store these in a safe location to add the bucket to your Adjust dashboard later.
  4. Embed an inline policy for the IAM user you just created:
    1. Follow the instructions under the "To embed an inline policy for a user group (console)" section.
    2. Select the JSON tab to create the policy and paste the following JSON code:
  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": ["s3:GetBucketLocation", "s3:ListBucket"],
      "Resource": ["arn:aws:s3:::YOUR-BUCKET-NAME-HERE"]
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": ["s3:PutObject"],
      "Resource": ["arn:aws:s3:::YOUR-BUCKET-NAME-HERE/*"]
Replace YOUR-BUCKET-NAME-HERE with your bucket name.

Set up data forwarding in Adjust

Once you have created your S3 bucket and IAM user, you can set up the data export in the Adjust dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your app and select your app options caret ( ^ ).
  2. Navigate to All Settings > Raw Data Export > CSV Upload.
  3. Toggle the switch to ON.
  4. Select Amazon S3 Bucket from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and bucket name.
  6. Open Select Events for Export, select the events you want Adjust to send to AWS and click OK.
  7. Enter your CSV definition.
  8. Click SAVE.

Once you have saved your settings, Adjust will forward CSV data files to your Amazon S3 bucket every hour. You can modify your CSV definition and events for export at any time to change the data included in your exports.