API authentication

Adjust offers several API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints. You can use these endpoints to work with your Adjust data outside of your Adjust dashboard.

To start working with Adjust's APIs, you first need to authenticate. The authentication process ensures that only authorized users can work with your data. Follow the instructions in this guide to find your Adjust API token and use it with your API calls.

Before you begin


Your Adjust API token has the same permissions as your user account.

Find your Adjust API token

Before you can start making API calls, you first need to find your Adjust API token. You can find your Adjust API token in your Adjust dashboard.

Admin users

Non-admin users

Reset your Adjust API token

You can reset your Adjust API token at any time. Resetting your token invalidates the old token. This means that any requests made using the old token will not work. If you reset your Adjust API token, you need to make sure to update it wherever it is in use.

Admin users

Non-admin users

Use your Adjust API token to authenticate API calls

Once you have retrieved your Adjust API token, you can use it to authenticate your API calls. To do this, you need to pass the token in the Authorization request header with your API calls.

The Authorization header uses the following format: Authorization: Token token={API_TOKEN}.

curl https://api.adjust.com -H "Authorization: Token token={API_TOKEN}"