App events

Here, you'll find a basic overview of app events, learn some helpful terms, and discover our recommended conversion funnels.  

For instructions on creating and managing events, see these articles:

App event basics

App events measure user engagement. When you track events with Adjust, you can see which sources drive your most (or least) active users. 

Set up events to:

  • See where your users go directly after install
  • Discover the app features your users like the most
  • Identify the last thing a user does before they become inactive

While you can track any number of app events, we suggest narrowing your funnel for actionable insights. For example, try recording milestones or using callback parameters to report exact stage completions and/or transaction types.

Helpful terms

Your go-to guide for the most commonly used event terms. 

Event: Any user activity with your app

Revenue event: Any user activity with monetary value

Cost per action (CPA): A general term for traffic pricing based on the number of user-triggered events 

Cost per event (CPE): A general term for traffic pricing based on the number of user-triggered events 

Conversion funnel: A series of events that users can trigger within your app. For example, a conversion funnel could be: click > install > register > purchase

Callback: An HTTP request made from one server to another server to transmit data. Adjust uses event callbacks to send event data to external server endpoints.

Application program interface (API): A communication interface that lets two different systems exchange data on the internet. We offer different APIs so that you can exchange raw data with Adjust. 

Recommended events by business vertical

Not sure where to begin? Start with one of our recommended conversion funnels. These events can reveal your most commonly triggered activities and/or opportunities to re-engage. 

We’ve organized each list by app category, but feel free to customize or combine funnels as needed. 


  • Tutorial completed
  • Gadget purchase
  • Purchase 100 coins
  • Purchase 500 coins
  • Purchase 1,000 coins
  • Sign up
  • Kids mode (revenue)
  • Facebook / social media share
  • Invite friend



  • Registration
  • Login
  • Search product
  • View listing
  • View product
  • Add to wishlist
  • Add to basket
  • First sale
  • Sale / checkout

Finance and banking

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Account opened
  • Account confirmed
  • Make deposit
  • Make payment / pay bills
  • Credit card application
  • Loan application
  • Account closed
  • Find ATM
  • Forgot password / pin
  • Invite a friend


  • Registration
  • Free Trial
  • Registration
  • Free trial
  • Buy 1-month subscription
  • Buy 3-month subscription
  • Buy 6-month subscription
  • Subscription canceled


  • Search
  • View search result
  • Make booking / reservation
  • Repeat booking
  • Cancel booking
  • Promo code
  • Confirm booking
  • Registration
  • Complete online check in