Set up apps for children

The Adjust SDK contains methods for apps targeted at children. These methods enhance user privacy and ensure compliance with child data protection regulation.

The Adjust SDK includes the permission by default in version 4.31.1 and above. You can remove it by adding a remove directive if need to make your app COPPA-compliant or if you do not target the Google Play Store.

<uses-permission android:name="" tools:node="remove"/>

See Google's AdvertisingIdClient.Info documentation for more information about this permission.

COPPA compliance

If you need your app to be COPPA compliant, call the setCoppaCompliantEnabled method. This method performs the following actions:

  1. Disables third-party sharing before the user launches their first session.
  2. Prevents the SDK from reading device and advertising IDs (e.g. gps_adid and android_id).

You can disable this method by calling it with a false parameter.

Disabling the setCoppaCompliantEnabled method does not re-enable third-party sharing. You need to re-enable third-party sharing for the user.

Play Store Kids Apps

If your app targets users under the age of 13, and the install region is not the USA, you need to mark it as a Kids App. This prevents the SDK from reading device and advertising IDs (e.g. gps_adid and android_id). To do this, call the setPlayStoreKidsAppEnabled method with a true parameter.