Adjust Automate

With Adjust Automate you can generate cross-app, cross-partner, and cross-network reports. This provides actionable analytics that let you optimize your campaigns from within the Adjust dashboard. Stop spending time on repetitive tasks, and instead focus on strategic campaign management. 

Here, you’ll find out about how to get started building and editing reports that always show the data you need to see.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before getting started. 


  • Business Pro pricing plan. 
  • At least 1 linked self-attributing network (SAN) in Partner Ad Accounts. 
  • Access requirements granted for each partner account.


  • All users can see Statistics data in Automate. Users with limited feature-level or tracker-level permissions see filtered data.

  • Admins can access attributes; non-admins must be whitelisted.

Helpful information

  • Adjust Automate’s Control Center works with the following SANs: Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads.

  • Apple Search keyword-level bids are available.

Getting started

Adjust Automate reduces work for marketers by automating day-to-day tasks and centralizing all of your data from different ad campaigns, countries, and networks into one dashboard. From here, you can analyze the KPIs you care about quickly and easily.

With powerful SAN reporting functionality, you can view and optimize attributes from Facebook, Google Ads (ACI), Snapchat, Twitter and Apple Search Ads. This lets you monitor campaign performance in an entirely customizable way. On top of this, you can also access advanced reporting for all of your Adjust-tracked partners. 

To access Automate, use the link in the Adjust dashboard menu.


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