Channel setup

You need to pass partner-specific IDs for some partner modules. The App Automation API enables you to do this by passing an object of channel information in your /app POST call. You can pass information for many partners in this object using key-value pairs.

Channel setup is optional when setting up your app. This is because these details may not be available until after you have created the app.

If you have added partner settings to your template app, the API does not copy these by default. You need to populate the corresponding parameter in your /app POST call to populate them.


You can add partner-specific information when you create your app. You can also add it later by passing the information in a POST call. Once the API receives this information, it attempts to complete the partner setup. Click and impression URLs are not available in the API until you have set up the partner.

  1. Create your app using the /app POST endpoint.
  2. Call this endpoint with the channel_setup parameter once you have your partner IDs.
  3. Include all channel_setup information each time you call the /app endpoint.


All parameters need to be passed as a key-value pair inside the channel_setup object.

PartnerRequired parametersDescription
snapchatsnap_app_idYour app's Snapchat ID.
facebookapp_idYou app's Facebook ID.
googlelink_idYour Google Ads link ID.
gameanalyticskeyYour unique GameAnalytics game key.
tapjoyapp_idYour app's Tapjoy ID.
unityadsgame_idYour app's Unity Ads ID.
vungleapp_idYour app's Vungle ID.
  • app_id
  • token
  • app_id: Your app's Chartboost ID.
  • token: Your app's signature.
  • property_id
  • advertiser_id
  • property_id: Your app's ID in Inmobi.
  • advertiser_id: Your Inmobi advertiser ID.


The following example shows all available partners.

"channel_setup": {
  "snapchat": { "snap_app_id": "snapchat app id" }
  "facebook": { "app_id": "facebook_app_id" },
  "google": { "link_id": "adwords_link_id" },
  "gameanalytics": { "key": "unique game key" },
  "tapjoy": { "app_id": "tapjoy_app_id" },
  "unityads": { "game_id": "unity_game_id" },
  "vungle": { "app_id": "vungle_app_id" },
  "chartboost": { "app_id": "chartboost_app_id", "token": "app_signature" },
  "inmobi": { "property_id": "inmobi_gmp_id", "advertiser_id": "adv_id" }