Status endpoint

Use the /status endpoint to check the status of your new app. This endpoint returns the status of the process that copies settings from your _Template app to your new app.

Before you begin

To use this endpoint, you need to authenticate your requests. Follow the instructions in our authentication guide.


GET request

Use this endpoint to return the status of a settings copy process. You receive your ticket_token when you create your app using the /app endpoint.


NameData typeInDescription
ticket_token*StringPathThe token of the ticket you want to check. The /app endpoint returns this when you create your app.


   "status": "String"



curl \
--header "AdjustAuthorization: Token <adjust api token>" \
--header "SignatureAuthorization: Token <adjust signature token>" \
-X GET<ticket_token>
    "status": "OPENED",
    "events": {
        "successes": [
            <List of tasks for specific section which were completed successfully>
        "failures": [
            <List of tasks which were failed>
    # If a section migration failed before the migration process started,
    # the response contains information about the failure
    "partners": {
        "section": "partners",
        "detail": "Could not be start, because {events} sections has failed"