Build audiences

Build an audience


In the Adjust dashboard

  1. Select MENU to open the main navbar and select Audience Builder
  2. Select Build an audience, towards the lower center of the screen (if you have already built an audience, select NEW AUDIENCE at the top left of the screen)
  3. In the NAME field, type the name of your audience
  4. Next, select your platform store
    • Available mobile stores: iTunes, Google Play Store
  5. Then, select your preferred method of user identification 
    • Available identifiers: unique advertising ID (IDFA for iOS and GAID for Android) or individual push token. You can use push tokens to re-engage users via push notifications.
  6. Next, select one or more of your apps using the APPS condition. This is the only required condition.
  7. Now, select your other conditions (examples below). You must confirm each condition before you can add another.
  8. When you are happy with your setup, select NEXT
  9. You can divide any of your audiences into subdivisions called groups. Use groups to conduct A/B campaign tests, analyze network performance, or avoid paying multiple networks to target the same users. Each group comprises unique users: no user will ever be included in more than one group.

    To split your audience into groups, first determine the number of groups (maximum 10). Then, verify the percentage of users that each group will contain. Feel free to override the default percentages with custom values—just confirm that your group total amounts to 100%. All groups can be named to your preference.
  10. You will now see an overview of your audience that includes dynamic URLs for each group, the total number of users, and a list of general parameters. Each URL redirects to a CSV file containing a list of all the users in that group. Please note that anyone with this URL will have access to the CSV file and the device identifiers that it contains. Groups are refreshed hourly, so every time a list is downloaded, it will automatically consist of the most current ID set available.
  11. If you are happy with this information, select CREATE; otherwise, select BACK and make any desired changes before continuing
    • Note: Once an audience has been created, it cannot be edited
  12. Select DONE
  13. Once you have created your audience, it will appear on the Audience Builder home screen. Each label displays high-level information about your audience. Select the caret (^) at the bottom of the card to view the available options
    • DETAILS: opens a sidebar with more information about your audience
    • DELETE: permanently deletes the audience. This cannot be undone. Any URLs associated with a deleted audience will become inactive.

During audience creation, you will see a real-time audience size calculation in the top right of the screen. If this drops to zero, your conditions are no longer compatible.