Conversion events

Conversion events are events you can use to measure user activity. You can choose up to 6 in-app events to track to see if users perform an action after install. Each event is mapped to a bit.

When a user triggers an event within the conversion value window, the conversion bit is set to 1. Each of the 6 bits can be either 1 or 0. Once a bit is set to 1 it does not get set back to 0. This means you can measure which events the user triggered but not how many times they triggered an event.

Before you begin

Here is what you need to know before you get started.


  • You need to verify your App ID to add conversion events to your app.
  • Conversion events are available for all iOS apps.

Step one: add Adjust event tokens to your app

SKAdNetwork will only share the event’s conversion value if the installed app provides it and if it meets Apple’s privacy threshold.

To set up conversion events, you first need to set up events in your app. Check the basic event setup guide for information on how to set up events.

Once you have set up your events, you can assign them to your conversion events. Remember to ask your app developer to add the event tokens to your app.

Step two: select conversion events

To set up your SKAdNetwork conversion value events in Adjust, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select the app option caret (^).
  2. Select All Settings > iOS 14+ Settings > SKAdNetwork.
  3. Turn ON Conversion value management.
  4. Select Conversion value manager.
  5. Select Open the conversion value manager. The conversion value manager opens.
  6. Set a Conversion value window. By default, this is set to 24 hours.
  7. Select Conversion events in the Conversion value model panel.
  8. Select Apply.
  9. Select up to 6 events you would like to track in your app.
  10. Select Save.

Great! Adjust now manages SKAdNetwork conversion values and maps them to your selected conversion bits. 

Select All Settings from the app option caret (^).