Data Canvas dashboard

Use the Data Canvas dashboard to tell a story around your data and share it. Highlight the top performing networks or single out the most prevalent fraud types. Provide valuable insights to your stakeholders and influence data-driven marketing decisions.

Interact with your widgets

Save your widgets to the customizable dashboard, and perform the following tasks:

  • You can rename, move, duplicate, edit, export, resize, or delete your widget from the dashboard.
  • Hover over the widget to view exact values of the KPIs that you selected.
  • Select or clear a widget legend item to display or hide data for that legend.

Share your dashboard

Share your dashboard with colleagues or stakeholders to give them a holistic view of your insights.

If you are a dashboard owner

If you are a shared dashboard viewer

Data in the shared dashboard is shown per the viewer's Adjust user settings time zone. As a result, if the dashboard owner and viewer have set different time zones, some widgets might display different values.