Data source: Adjust Deliverables

With the Adjust Deliverables data source, you can visualize your Statistics data from the Adjust dashboard (or data tracked through the Adjust SDK) in Data Canvas. Unlike the Statistics dashboard where you need to switch through different tabs for Deliverables, Cost, Revenue, and Fraud data, you can analyze everything in a single view.

Choose the default dimensions and KPIs and our inbuilt capabilities of filtering to build a story around your data.

If you have set up single-platform apps, you no longer need to switch through different apps on the Adjust dashboard to compare data. Leverage Data Canvas to compare networks' performance across apps.

Choose multiple apps to visualize your data across all networks or select a single app to analyze campaigns by network.

Default dimensions and KPIs

The Adjust Deliverables data source provides a set of default dimensions and KPIs. Use these dimensions and KPIs to gain valuable insights.




  • Compare traffic across your single-platform apps for installs over time.
  • Analyze how many of your users have enabled Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) to determine if you are able to run retargeting campaigns for your newly acquired users.
  • Break down your traffic by network to identify the top 5 networks that bring in the most number of users.
  • Visualize revenue events by network, and then deep dive into campaigns of a specific network to compare your cost and revenue.
  • Perform fraud analysis to determine which networks have the highest rejections and then identify the most prevalent fraud types.