Data source: SKAdNetwork

If you are running SKAdNetwork campaigns, Apple does not provide a reporting interface to visualize your data. Instead, Apple sends one SKAdNetwork postback per user to the attributed network, and the networks forward this data to Adjust. With the Adjust Data Canvas, you can visualize your SKAdNetwork data.

Apple provides the ad network ID and the campaign ID in the SKAdNetwork postback. Adjust performs the network to partner mapping automatically, and depending on the KPI that you select, you can visualize and compare performances of different partners.

For the same app, you can also create widgets through the Adjust Deliverables data source and compare the Adjust Deliverables and SKAdNetwork data side-by-side in the dashboard.

Default dimensions and KPIs

The SKAdNetwork data source provides a set of default dimensions and KPIs. Use these dimensions and KPIs to gain valuable insights.



Visualize conversion value data

You can visualize your conversion value data in Data Canvas irrespective of whether you have mapped those conversion values to in-app events in the Adjust dashboard. For more information on choosing the conversion value events as KPIs, see this link.

If you have set up conversion value event mapping

If you have not set up conversion value event mapping


  • Find out which partner provides more active users by either analyzing your mapped in-app events or Conversion KPIs.
  • Compare the top 5 installs by network in the Adjust Deliverables data source with the SKAdnetwork data source.
  • See which of your campaigns drove the highest number of installs or compare installs versus reinstalls.