Developer Guides

Use Adjust APIs to conveniently access your data. Our APIs are the quick and efficient way to utilize Adjust’s dashboard data for your business needs.

All Adjust APIs are available to clients in or above a Business Pro package.

REST API authentication

To make a REST API call, you must use request headers. This includes the authorization header with your Adjust API token.

Find your Adjust API token

To find your Adjust API token, follow these steps in the Adjust Dashboard.

  1. Select Menu > May Account.
  2. View the Your Data tab.
  3. Find User Details.
  4. Select Settings (gear icon).
  5. Select API token.

Adjust API tokens are assigned per user and can be used with any of your Adjust dashboard accounts and for any Adjust integrated app. Your Adjust API token is unique to your Adjust username and should never be disclosed to other users.