Fraud prevention reporting

Get an overview of all your fraud prevention data so you can run campaigns that target valuable users on real devices.

Here, you'll learn how to find your fraud prevention metrics, including rejected installs and reattributions for all of your paid advertising channels.

Before you begin


  • Admins and users with fraud prevention suite access
  • Adjust's Fraud Prevention Suite package
  • Basic (or higher) pricing plan

Helpful information

  • To activate the Fraud Prevention Suite and/or purchase verification, please contact sales@adjust.com.

Find your fraud prevention statistics

Fraud prevention data appears in your dashboard Deliverables. To view your fraud prevention data, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Statistics
  3. Select the Fraud Prevention tab

View your fraud prevention statistics

Our Fraud Prevention Suite offers the following levels of protection:

Here's what you can see in your default Fraud Prevention view:

  • Your time frame is automatically set to This month. Use the drop-down menu to select an alternative preset or custom time frame.
  • Your traffic sources listed in rows, from highest amount of installs to lowest. To see the next level of segmentation (for example, from a network to a campaign), select a traffic source.
  • Your key performance indicators (KPIs), listed in columns (select a KPI to re-order the rows). These are attribution details (like clicks and installs) or fraud-related statistics.
    • Note: your Organic tracker contains all traffic we can't attribute to any of your other tracked sources. If you run click and impression campaigns but select only one in the ATTRIBUTION TYPE filter, the non-selected type will also appear in your organics.
  • Your Untrusted Devices tracker reports installs from devices using anonymous IP addresses. Many of these devices are fraudulent, but may include some organic installs from devices using VPNs.
  • Four icons; from left to right, these are:
    • Create View (star icon)
    • Download CSV (arrow icon)
    • Switch View (graph icon or chart icon)
    • Filter (funnel icon)

Your Fraud Prevention KPIs

KPIs are critical for measuring campaign success.

To add or remove KPIs from your Fraud Prevention view, select Filter (funnel icon) > Column Selection.

The following KPI_s_ are displayed automatically (if you enable all our fraud prevention features):

  • Impressions
  • Installs
  • Conversion rate
  • Rejected installs
  • Rejected install rate
  • RI AIP (rejected installs: anonymous IP filtering)
  • RI TME (rejected installs: too many engagements)
  • RI DO (rejected installs: distribution outliers)
  • RI CI (rejected installs: click injection)
  • RI SDK Sig (rejected installs: SDK Signature)
  • Reattributions
  • Rejected reattributions
  • Rejected reattribution rate
  • RR AIP (rejected reattributions: anonymous IP)
  • RR TME (rejected reattrobutions: too many engagements)
  • RR DO (rejected reattributions: distribution outliers)
  • RR CI (rejected reattributions: click injection)
  • Avg DAU (daily active user)
  • Avg MAU (monthly active user)
  • Avg WAU (weekly active user)