GDPR API reference

Adjust offers an API endpoint to facilitate Right to be Forgotten (RTBF) requests. This endpoint performs the following actions for a given device:

  • Permanently deletes all of the user’s personal data from Adjust for the specified app.
  • Stops receiving the user’s information from the Adjust SDK for the specified app.
  • Removes all references to the user's data in the Adjust dashboard for the specified app.

Configure your server to send requests to this API endpoint when users send RTBF requests. See our GDPR article for more information about RTBF requests.

This action is permanent. Adjust can't reinstate data previously associated with a device or receive future requests from the device once a RTBF request is sent.


POST request

Send a POST request including your app token and device ID to remove all data associated with the device.

RTBF requests only apply to the app you specify in your call. Device data for other apps are not affected.


ParameterData typeInValue descriptionRequired?
app_tokenStringQueryThe Adjust app token from the dashboard.Yes
s2sBooleanQueryWhether the call is a Server-to-Server (S2S call). Value must be 1 (true).Yes
<device_token>StringQueryID of the device you want Adjust to forget. See the table below for a list of accepted values.Yes

Device identifiers


curl -X POST ""


Status codeMeaningDescription
200OKRequest was received and processed.
400Bad requestInvalid formatting or token. Check you have included the necessary parameters. Contact your account manager or if you need help.
429Too many requestsThe endpoint is rate limited to 10 requests per minute and stops responding to requests beyond this threshold to prevent abuse. Try resending the request later.
451Unavailable for legal reasons