Get partners

Use this endpoint to fetch a list of partners and associated data.

Before you begin

To use this endpoint, you need an Adjust API token. Follow the instructions in the authentication guide to get your token.


GET request

Fetch a list of partners and associated data. Data are returned in an array of partner objects.


ParameterData typeInDescription
afterStringQueryCursor to get elements from the next page.
beforeStringQueryCursor to get elements from the previous page.
limitIntegerQueryThe maximum number of elements included in the response. Needs to be a positive integer value.

Results from this endpoint are paginated using a cursor. Each page returns the location of the previous and next pages. You can include these in your calls to return specific pages. You can also limit the number of items included on a page. The default limit is 50.

Each results page contains a "paging" object containing the cursor positions. You can use these cursor positions to programatically move between pages. For example, the first page might contain results like this:

"paging": {
   "next": "",
   "cursor": "g2wAAAACYhW1_gxkAANuaWxq"

To go to the second page, follow the next link to return results from the next specified cursor position.

$ curl ""


  "id": 1,
  "display_name": "String",
  "supports_cost_data": true



curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Token token={API_TOKEN}'
  "data": {
    "api_version": "1",
    "request_id": "FcK55-tdJUDOWQIAABsB",
    "timestamp": "2019-09-09T09:07:06Z",
    "paging": {
      "page_size": "1",
      "collection_size": "1",
      "total": "199",
      "next": "",
      "previous": nil,
      "cursors": {
        "after": "g2wAAAACYhW1_gxkAANuaWxq",
        "before": nil
    "items": [
        "id": 174,
        "display_name": "Adcolony",
        "supports_cost_data": true