CSV uploads to Google Cloud Storage

With Adjust’s CSV uploads, you can automatically export your raw user data to Google Cloud Storage. Use this data to build your own database, analyze your users the way you want, or recall data instantly, without ever having to request Adjust logs.

You can set up CSV uploads from the Adjust dashboard. Simply select the events and define the data points you want to send. Once complete, we’ll send hourly CSV uploads to your Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Set up your project in the Google Cloud Console

Before you can begin forwarding your Adjust data, make sure your project is correctly set up in Google Cloud. To do this, follow these steps. 

  1. Create a project or use an existing project.
  2. Create a dedicated bucket for Adjust data export.
    Note: If you use an existing bucket, the service key might have access to other data in the bucket.
  3. Create a dedicated Service Account and Service Account Key credential file.
    • Select the key type as JSON.
    • Create the service account without a role. In the next step, you need to set the appropriate role to the service account for the dedicated bucket only.
      Note: If you set the role while creating the service account, the service key has full access to all buckets and objects in your project.
  4. Edit bucket permissions to grant a role to the service account.
    • Add the service account email as a new member.
    • Set the Role to Cloud Storage > Storage Admin.

Set up data forwarding in Adjust

In the Adjust dashboard

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret ( ^ ).
  2. Select All Settings > Raw Data Export > CSV Upload.
  3. Select Google Cloud Storage from the dropdown menu.
  4. Upload your Service Account Key credential file. This is the JSON file created in the Google Cloud Console.  
  5. Enter your Google Cloud Storage bucket name.
  6. Open Select Events for Export, select the events you want Adjust to send to Google, and select OK.
  7. Enter your CSV definition.
  8. Select SAVE.

All set! Adjust will now forward hourly CSV data files to your Google Cloud Storage bucket.