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Creating Adjust tracker URLs for integrated retargeting partners

An integrated retargeting partner is any retargeting partner that does not have an Adjust dashboard module. If you cannot find your partner in the NETWORK dropdown list when creating a tracker, then they are considered an integrated partner. Learn how to set up your Adjust tracker URLs for campaigns with an integrated retargeting partner using the instructions below.


In the Adjust dashboard

  1. Navigate to your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Tracker URLs
  3. At the bottom of the module, select NEW TRACKER
  4. In the TRACKER NAME field, enter the name of your Adjust tracker
  5. Select CUSTOMIZE to update the campaign structure, additional parameters, and attribution settings if necessary
  6. Select CREATE

Once you have created your tracker URL, you can copy it to your clipboard and submit it to your ad network to track your retargeting campaign.

Once your campaigns are up and running, focus on reattributions in your Adjust dashboard statistics to assess which retargeting campaigns are most effective in compelling users to revisit your app. Then, assess their in-app activity and determine which user groups are more likely to proceed with their purchase or level up.

Additionally, Adjust's Audience Builder tool allows you to harness your Adjust tracked data and create customized user lists, right in your Adjust dashboard. Set conditions to classify users based on their unique mobile app platform, device identification type, and in-app behavior. Then, split your user segments into group lists to share with your preferred mobile ad networks for retargeting campaigns.