Invoices and billing

You can review and update your invoices, payment methods, and pricing plans in your Adjust account settings.


In My Account > Invoices, you'll find the complete billing and payment history for your Adjust account.

Invoices reflect the total number of attributions as included in your pricing plan and any additional attributions that accrued during the billing period. To download a PDF version, select Download at the bottom of any invoice.

After your billing cycle ends, Adjust automatically sends an invoice to the invoicing contact for your account. To change where Adjust sends invoices, go to My Account > Your Data and select Settings (gear icon) below Account Details.

If your Adjust dashboard shows different attribution numbers than your invoice, consider that:

  • You might only be viewing click-based attributions. Be sure to include impression-based attributions and reattributions too.
  • Sometimes, attributions are reported after we've drawn up your invoice (e.g., from offline conversions). These appear in your dashboard reporting but not your invoice.

Pricing Plans

In My Account > Pricing Plan, you can manage your current plan and view all of Adjust's attribution packages.

You can upgrade your attribution package at any time. Upgrading your plan takes effect immediately -- no matter where you are in your billing period, your next invoice will reflect the new package. Downgrading your plan takes effect at the start of your next billing period (e.g., the beginning of the next 12-month term if you've chosen a 12-month package).

Billing periods

The Adjust billing period is a 30-day cycle. 

The start date of your billing period depends on how and when you register your Adjust dashboard account. Your billing period won't begin until you register your account.

Payment Methods

In My Account > Payment Methods, you can add or delete credit cards and change your default card settings.

Adjust accepts Visa, American Express, and MasterCard for payment. We never store your credit card data and can never access your sensitive information. All transactions are performed through Braintree, a PCI 3.0-compliant payment processor.