iOS and SKAdNetwork

In 2020, Apple announced new user privacy regulations that impact how advertisers can target users on iOS devices running iOS 14 and above. This change comes in the form of Apple's ATT framework and SKAdNetwork. As of iOS 14, app developers need to request user consent to track their users’ data. Without this consent, you cannot access the IDFA.

Adjust’s solutions are meant to ease the transition for marketers and developers over to using Apple’s ATT framework and SKAdNetwork. From receiving user consent status updates, to determining your own conversion value window, and using our versatile Data Canvas to visualize your SKAdNetwork data, Adjust strives to ensure there's a solution that works for you.

Adjust Solutions

  • App Tracking Transparency Support

Adjust's support for App Tracking Transparency uses the Adjust SDK wrapper function to present the app-tracking authorization request to users. This lets you optimize your chances of gaining the user opt-in by choosing when to launch the request in your app.

Our SDK wrapper means there's no extra work to implement Apple’s ATT API. When the wrapper is called the first time, the iOS pop-up launches. Every time after, the wrapper retrieves the tracking authorization status and Adjust relays the information directly back to you. This seamless solution lets you receive real-time updates when a user changes their consent status.

  • SKAdNetwork & Conversion Values

Leverage your SKAdNetwork attribution data and handle your conversion value management in the Adjust dashboard with minimum hassle. This includes setting conversion value windows and event mappings. Then, collect raw SKAdNetwork data to analyze and drive campaign optimization.

  • The Adjust Data Canvas

The Adjust Data Canvas gives you the ability to visualize your SKAdNetwork data in a quick and simple manner. Not only can you see which of your campaigns drove the highest number of installs, but you can also compare your data for installs versus reinstalls and much more. With it, you can deep-dive into your data and find trends and correlations that you may not have been previously identified.

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