ironSource SDK integration

If you have any questions about ad revenue tracking with UnityironSource, please contact your dedicated account manager or send an email to

If you want to track your ad revenue with the ironSource SDK, you can use our SDK-to-SDK integration to pass this information to the Adjust backend.

Before you begin

To use this feature, you first need to download and set up the Adjust SDK for your platform. Follow the instructions linked below to get started.

⚙️ iOS SDK v4.29.0 and later / Android SDK v4.28.0 and later / Unity SDK v4.29.0 and later


- (void)impressionDataDidSucceed:(ISImpressionData *)impressionData {
    ADJAdRevenue *adjustAdRevenue = [[ADJAdRevenue alloc] initWithSource:ADJAdRevenueSourceIronSource];
    [adjustAdRevenue setRevenue:impressionData.revenue currency:@"USD"];
    // optional fields
    [adjustAdRevenue setAdRevenueNetwork:impressionData.ad_network];
    [adjustAdRevenue setAdRevenueUnit:impressionData.ad_unit];
    [adjustAdRevenue setAdRevenuePlacement:impressionData.placement];
    // track Adjust ad revenue
    [Adjust trackAdRevenue:adjustAdRevenue];