KPI service

Use the Adjust KPI service to fetch aggregated data for your apps.

We recommend all Adjust customers switch to Datascape and Automate for reporting. See the Report Service API article for information on how to programmatically interact with Datascape.

How it works

The KPI service enables you to return metrics about your app. We supply different endpoints for the different kinds of metrics associated with each app. For a full list of metrics, check out the KPI glossary.

  1. Authenticate your calls

To use the KPI service, you first need to get your Adjust API token. Follow the instructions in the Authentication article to find out how to use this token with the API.

  1. Fetch your app metrics
Many of the KPI Service KPIs for ad spend are deprecated and return a value of 0. To report on data from the new Ad Spend pipeline, use the Report Service API.

Call the KPI service to return metrics associated with your app. Choose from the following endpoints:

You can specify how the service groups your data by passing grouping options.