Preinstalled apps

You can use the Adjust SDK to check if your app came preinstalled on a user's device. The SDK offers two ways to perform this check:

  • Using a system payload.
  • Using a default tracker.

We recommend using the system payload solution in most circumstances. First, check the available implementation methods and your preinstall partner's preferred method. If you are unsure about which solution to use, contact integration@adjust.com.

Use a system payload


  • The Content Provider, System Properties, and File System methods require Adjust SDK v4.23.0 and later.
  • The System Installer Receiver method requires Adjust SDK v4.27.0 and later.

To enable the Adjust SDK to recognize preinstalled apps, you need to set this in your config object. Call setPreinstallTrackingEnabled with a true parameter in your config object to do this.


Depending on your implementation method, you may need to change your AndroidManifest.xml file. Find the required code change using the table below.

Use a default tracker

To set up a default tracker:

  1. Create a new tracker in your dashboard.
  2. Open your app delegate and set a default tracker in your config object. Replace {TrackerToken} with the token you created in step one. The dashboard will display your tracker in a URL like this: https://app.adjust.com/abc123. Your tracker is the six or seven digit code at the end.
  1. Build and run your app. If you have logging enabled, you should see a message in your log like this: Default tracker: 'abc123'.