Re-enable/disable third-party sharing via S2S


Previously, clients were given a choice to block third-party sharing at users’ request, which allowed clients to opt-out of user data from being shared for analytical purposes. See the Block third-party data sharing document for more information.

Adjust now offers an API endpoint parameter that lets the endpoint handler re-enable/disable third-party sharing via server-to-server (S2S).

Note: At the moment, any user(s) that initially opted-out of sharing user data will not be re-targeted ever again, even after opting-in later. In a future Audience Builder release, users will be able to opt-in again as this is currently a system limitation.


The API endpoint request address is:


Use GET or POST to request the API. You can also send endpoint parameters in the URL or as form data.

Required parameters

Parameter nameValue
gps_adid, idfa, etc.Device ID string. At least one device ID is required. The API supports the same device IDs supported by other Adjust S2S APIs.
s2sAlways 1
app_tokenThe app token.
sharingenable or disable to allow or prevent third-party sharing, respectively.


Success response

You will get the following example for a successful response:


Error response

In case of an error, you will receive a 400 Bad Request response status code along with a message describing the error.


{"error":"Third party sharing failed (App not found)”}

Example URLs

Insert the enable parameter to allow third-party sharing, for example:


Insert the disable parameter to prevent third-party sharing, for example: