Re-engagement with Adjust

The nature of mobile technology empowers advertisers to connect with their customers in a very personal way. When you re-engage app users with push notifications or deeplinks, you provide a customized experience with unparalleled convenience. Learn more about re-engagement campaigns in the sections below or find out more about Adjust tracking for push notifications.

What is a mobile re-engagement campaign?

At Adjust, we define re-engagement as the practice of reinvigorating an app users' activity with deeplinking or push notifications. Unlike retargeting, re-engagement is designed to reach a group of users rather than specific individuals.

Why should I spend money on re-engagement campaigns?

Re-engagement campaigns are aimed at a very important audience: your existing app users. It's a well known industry fact that existing users are more valuable than potential app users and studies show that user retention drops significantly as early as 3 days after installing your app. So, why not energize dormant users with targeted links to drive activity within your app? Re-engagement campaigns allow you to reach specific users directly and provide them with a highly customized marketing experience.

How can Adjust support my re-engagement efforts?

Adjust offers a sophisticated Audience Builder tool that allows you to harness your Adjust-tracked data and create customized user lists, right in your Adjust dashboard. Set conditions to classify users based on their unique mobile app platform, device identification type, and in-app behavior. Then, split your user segments into group lists to share with your preferred mobile ad networks for retargeting campaigns.

You can also use Adjust tracker URLs to reattribute users that engage with deeplinks or push notifications for your app. Focus on reattributions to assess which re-engagement strategies are most effective in compelling users to interact with your app. Then, assess their in-app activity and determine which user groups are more likely to proceed with their purchase or level up.