Callbacks for reattributions

Reattributions trigger specific reattribution callbacks (and never install callbacks). To set up a callback for a reattribution event in Adjust, proceed as follows:

Set up reattribution callbacks


In the Adjust dashboard

  1. Navigate to your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select All Settings > (DATA MANAGEMENT) Raw Data Export > Real-Time Callbacks
  3. Here, you’ll see a list of all events tracked in Adjust. This will include all automatically tracked events, like reattributions.
  4. Identify the reattribution event and select the edit (pencil) icon on the far right
  5. Insert your callback URL into the CALLBACK URL field
  6. When you are happy with your callback, select UPDATE

Once complete, Adjust will begin to ping your server endpoint with reattribution data in real-time.

Note: Adjust cannot forward callbacks larger than 1MB.

Set up reattribution callbacks to networks

While your UA campaigns most likely send install callbacks to your network partners, any partner that you use for retargeting should also be using reattribution callbacks.

Retargeting campaigns are often run together with one of our special partners. If you’ve already configured your partner in the dashboard, then no further setup is necessary. However, if your retargeting partner is not set up as a special partner, then they should append their (encoded) callbacks as tracker URL parameters. This tracker URL parameter is either reattribution_callback (which is triggered only for reattributions) or conversion_callback (which is triggered for reattributions and new installs). If your partners have any questions regarding their callbacks for reattribution, please ask them to reach out to