Retrieve data points

You need to retrieve the following data points before you can set up deep links in your app:

  • App ID prefix: A 10 character identifier found at the beginning of your App ID. You can find your App ID prefix in the Apple developer portal. Example: ABC1234567
  • Release Bundle ID: Your app's unique identifier. Example:
  • Debug Bundle ID: The bundle ID of your debug build. Only required if this is different from your release bundle ID and you need to test deep linking before release.
  • Release Custom URL Scheme: A custom URL that opens resources in your app. This is required for linking from certain applications on the device, such as Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube, or from push notifications. Example: exampleApp://.
  • Debug Custom URL Scheme: Required if your debug Custom URL scheme is different from your release Custom URL scheme and you need to test deep linking before release.
  • Link resolution domain(s): Required for deep linking via email, SMS, QR codes, and platforms that shorten links. Example:


Follow these instructions to retrieve your data points.

App ID Prefix and Release Bundle ID

Debug Bundle ID

Release Custom URL Scheme and Debug Custom URL Scheme