S2S API reference

S2S endpoints

https://s2s.adjust.com/eventNotifies Adjust of in-app events
https://s2s.adjust.com/ad_revenueNotifies Adjust of ad revenue data

Accepted device identifiers

The device identifiers accepted for S2S events are as follows:

Preferred identifiers
Raw IDFA (IOS only)idfa
Raw Google advertising IDgps_adid
Raw Amazon Fire advertising IDfire_adid
Open Advertising ID (OAID, Huawei only)oaid
Web ID (Generated by the Adjust Web SDK)web_uuid
Backup identifiers
Raw IDFVidfv
Android IDandroid_id

Event submission responses

All successfully tracked events return an OK response.

Failed events return an HTTP error code and JSON message, like this: {"error": "Event request failed ( {error message})"}

Error messages define the request problem. Use this table to identify your error, then review your setup or reach out to support@adjust.com for help.

Error codeError messageReason
400Bad event stateCan occur for various reasons. E.g., ‘created at’ time is before 'installed_at' time.

Check the response for additional details.

400Invalid app tokenApp token not set correctly
400Ignoring event, earlier unique event trackedA unique event was already tracked. This is ignored as a duplicate.
400Invalid callback parametersCallback parameters could not be extracted
400Invalid event tokenEvent token does not exist, was set incorrectly, or does not match the app token.
400Invalid revenueAmount set incorrectly or value too high (limit = 100,000,000,000) 
401Failed to authorize requestAuthorization token missing or does not match
403App is inactiveApp was deactivated in the dashboard
403Tracking disabledTracking not enabled for this platform
403Event token blocklistedEvent token blocklisted
404App token not foundApp token not found
404Device not foundNo device data found
413Request size too largeYour request exceeds our limit of 1 MB
451Device is opted outDevice is opted out 
500Internal error, contact support@adjust.comInternal error when updating device data