Set up cost ID

What is Cost ID?

Cost ID is a unique ad spend engagement identifier value between 12 and 256 characters in length. Adjust uses the cost_id parameter to match the received ad spend data with a click or impression.

Here are some points to consider when using cost_id with the Partner ad spend push API:

  • To avoid matching a value from one of our other network partners, the cost_id value must be unique. We recommend using a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) or prefixing your ID with your company’s name. For example: network_name_848dsf4939fgwjn028erg4.

  • You can use your pre-existing click_id or impression_id. If you do not generate your own click or impression IDs, then you can combine two or more placeholders to form it. For example for CPI, you could combine the user’s IDFA and the app ID.

Measuring CPM with Adjust

To send CPM data to Adjust, send cost_id through the impression URL and refer to it in the partner ad spend push API call. Ensure that you send the CPM with each impression.