2. Set up uninstall and reinstall measurement

Use uninstall and reinstall measurement with your Android apps to measure user behavior. Follow the guide below to provide Adjust with the information it needs to measure uninstalls and reinstalls.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


You need to configure your app for push notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is not supported.

Firebase Cloud Messaging APIs and Migration

Configuring your app's push notifications through Google's FCM API allows you to measure uninstalls and reinstalls.

Google offers two FCM APIs:

  • FCM HTTP v1 API (Recommended)
  • FCM legacy HTTP API

Google recommends using the v1 API for better security, efficiency, and extendability. Get started using the v1 API, or migrate to it as soon as possible.

Follow Firebase's FCM HTTP APIs migration documentation to migrate to the v1 API. When you do this, be aware of the following points regarding your server key:

  • If you are generating an FCM server key for the first time, you are allowed to get it only using the new FCM v1 API.
  • If you have an exsiting FCM server key generated using the legacy API, you can continue using it.
  • You can only use one server key at a time, generated through either option.
  • If you migrate from legacy to v1, you won't be able to access the legacy API server key.

Setup in Firebase and Adjust


If it's your first time setting up the FCM v1 API, follow these instructions:

1. Download your Firebase Admin SDK private key file

The Firebase Admin SDK private key allows Adjust to add the Firebase Admin SDK to their servers.

In your Firebase console:

  1. Select the settings (gear) icon > Project settings.
  2. Select Service accounts.
  3. Select Generate new private key.
  4. Store the generated JSON file in a safe place. You will use its content on the next step.

2. Add an FCM connection in DataWorks

In your Adjust account:

  1. Under DataWorks, select + New connection.
  2. Add Google FCM as the partner.
  3. Select Uninstall detection as the service.
  4. Enter your Adjust app token.
  5. Enter the remaining form fields. You can find the information in the JSON file generated on the previous step.
  6. Select Connect.