Attribution terms and definitions

Here, you'll find a basic overview of how attribution works in Adjust.

What is attribution?

Attribution is the science of matching two data points. At Adjust, we match your app users to the source that drove their install (e.g., Twitter, Applovin, your winter email campaign). You can use this attribution data to measure campaign performance, run effective retargeting campaigns, optimize your creative assets, and more.

What are Adjust's attribution methods?

Adjust uses several attribution methods depending on the type and quality of user engagement.

What is self-attribution?

Self-attributing networks like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter let Adjust track your campaigns without a tracker URL. They receive all of your installs from Adjust and then self-attribute using their own engagement data. For example, if someone views an Instagram ad before downloading your app, Instagram will attribute that install to their ad.

We consider all self-attributions and Adjust-tracked engagements before attributing installs in Adjust.

What is an attribution window?

An attribution window determines how long a click or impression is eligible for attribution. You can customize your attribution window at the app level and the tracker level.

What is reattribution?

Reattribution is when an inactive user engages with a retargeting campaign, returns to your app, and gets assigned a new attribution source in Adjust. 

What is a reattribution window?

A reattribution window determines how long a click or impression is eligible for reattribution.