Test SDK signature integration

The Adjust SDK signature is used to verify communications between the Adjust SDK and Adjust's servers. Use the Adjust testing console to test that the signature is working. The testing console is available in AppView and the classic dashboard.

You can test you have integrated the SDK signature successfully by following these steps.

  1. Provide a SHA1 certificate fingerprint/bundle ID to Adjust
  2. Build a release version your app.
    1. On Android, sign the APK with the same keystore you used to sign your certificate fingerprint.
    2. On iOS, archive your project and generate a development IPA.
  3. Install your app package on a test device.
  4. Open your app to send an install to Adjust's servers.
  5. Open the testing console and check the device's advertising ID status.

If the signature is valid, the Signature Verification Result displays a value or Valid Signature. If this value isn't present, contact your Adjust representative or Adjust support.