Track ad revenue

This feature is only available for certain ad revenue sources. Check the SDK reference for a list of supported sources.

The Adjust SDK supports receiving ad revenue information from certain network partners. You can pass information recorded by the network partner's SDK to the Adjust SDK as a JSON object. To do this, call the trackAdRevenue method with the source and payload of the ad revenue.

// initilise ADJAdRevenue instance with appropriate ad revenue source
ADJAdRevenue *adRevenue = [[ADJAdRevenue alloc] initWithSource:source];
// pass revenue and currency values
[adRevenue setRevenue:1.6 currency:@"USD"];
// pass optional parameters
[adRevenue setAdImpressionsCount:adImpressionsCount];
[adRevenue setAdRevenueUnit:adRevenueUnit];
[adRevenue setAdRevenuePlacement:adRevenuePlacement];
[adRevenue setAdRevenueNetwork:adRevenueNetwork];
// attach callback and/or partner parameter if needed
[adRevenue addCallbackParameter:key value:value];
[adRevenue addPartnerParameter:key value:value];

// track ad revenue
[Adjust trackAdRevenue:source payload:payload];