Track connected TV campaigns

In Adjust, you can create connected TV trackers to measure the impact of your TV advertising on mobile app installs, and better assess its role in your entire marketing acquisition funnel.

Connected TV trackers should only be used for campaigns you are running on connected TVs. It is very important not to use this type of tracker for any mobile or web campaign, or you will see large data discrepancies.

Here, you can learn how to create a connected TV tracker and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Before you begin

What you need to know

  • Connected TV trackers use cross-device probabilistic matching. All other measurement methods are disabled.

  • Adjust currently supports attributing installs to connected TV trackers.

Create a connected TV tracker in Adjust

To create an Adjust connected TV tracker, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^).
  2. Select Tracker URLs.
  3. Select the Connected TV Trackers tab.
  4. Select NEW TRACKER.
  5. Enter a tracker name.
  6. Select a network from the dropdown menu.
    • If the network that you are working with is not available in the list, leave this field empty, and contact us at connectedtv@adjust.com.
  7. Specify the campaign structure and add the necessary parameters.
  8. Optional: Customize the attribution settings.
  9. Select CREATE.

Great job, you can now see your new connected TV tracker listed in the dashboard.

Add the Adjust tracker to your campaign creative

Once you have your Adjust tracker set up and ready, you need to add it to your campaign creative. Do this on the partner platform where you are running the campaign.

Adjust currently supports connected TV ad to mobile measurement with many different partners, some of whom we cannot publicly advertise.

Check our partner setup instructions for detailed guidance on your next steps, or contact connectedtv@adjust.com for more information about how to proceed with partners you do not see referenced on our Help Center.