Add a widget

Widgets let you visualize and explore your data, and provide you with valuable data insights. You can create multiple widgets for each data set.

Here, you can find details about how to add a widget and manage an existing widget.

Add a widget

  1. On the Data Canvas dashboard, click New Widget.
  2. For your data set, click Create Widget.
  3. Drag and drop a single dimension into Axis.
    If you are building a Pie chart, skip to step 4.
  4. Drag and drop one or more KPIs into Value.
  5. Drag and drop a dimension into Breakdown dimension. This breaks down the KPI value by this dimension.
The Breakdown dimension field is not available if you added multiple KPIs into Value. Once you add a dimension to Breakdown dimension, you cannot add more KPIs into Value.
  1. (Optional) Add a filter and sort your data.

  2. Under Widget Type, select one of the widget types:

    • Vertical bar chart
    • Horizontal bar chart
    • Vertical stacked bar chart
    • Horizontal stacked bar chart
    • Vertical 100 % stacked bar chart
    • Horizontal 100 % stacked bar chart
    • Line chart
    • Pie chart
  3. Under the Preview section, preview your widget and enter a title for the widget.

  4. Click Add to dashboard to add your widget to the dashboard.

On the Data Canvas dashboard, click New Widget.