Set up web attribution in the classic dashboard

Follow the instructions in this article to set up web attribution for your app.

1. Send your web base URL to Adjust

Adjust needs to add your web base URL to our internal interface to set up your app. We also need to activate the Web Attribution package on your account. Both of these steps need to be done by Adjust. For more information, contact

2. Integrate the SDK

Follow our developer guides to integrate the web SDK into your web app. Once complete, test the integration. 


There are 3 ways you can check the web SDK is functioning correctly.  

  1. Check the web SDK logs in your browser console.
  2. Use the Adjust Testing Console.
  3. Use the Device API.

To find your web_uuid in your Javascript Console:

  1. Select Application (or Storage if using Safari)
  2. Select IndexedDB
  3. Select adjust-sdk -> as
  4. Your web_uuid is displayed as u:<web_uuid>

3. Set up your app & update trackers

After Adjust activates web attribution on your account, you can see the web icon on your dashboard apps. The dashboard highlights this icon for your apps using web attribution.

There are 2 options to set up an app for web attribution in Adjust. 

  • Add a new app with web as its only platform. 
  • Use web as a platform for an existing mobile app.

To set up a new app in the Adjust dashboard with web as its only platform:

  1. Select + NEW APP.
  2. Enter your App ID (optional).
  3. Enter your App Name.
  4. Do not select any of the available platforms. Not selecting a platform designates the app as a web app.
  5. Choose your reporting currency.
  6. Select CREATE APP.

Your web app displays in the dashboard!

For web attribution to work, Adjust needs to add your web base URL to our internal interface. Contact your account manager or to set this up for you. For this guide, we use as an example for your website.

Depending upon your setup method, you can expect different behavior from both your new and existing trackers. Check the information below to see the applicable information for your setup.

Tracker behavior for single platform web apps

Tracker behavior for multiplatform apps

Tracker behavior for cross-platform trackers

Additional tracker customization

4. Set up dashboard reporting

In the dashboard, you can use the Platform filter to view your installs and sessions according to web or mobile app. 

When you first integrate the Adjust web SDK, you may see a high volume of "new" users from web. This is because Adjust is seeing their web_uuid for the first time. 

5. Set up reporting using APIs

Adjust offers 2 API suites to access your data. Use these to programatically report on your web attribution data.

Report service

KPI service

6. Set up callbacks

There are 2 placeholders available for post-install activities. Add these to your callbacks to start receiving web attribution information in your raw data.

PlaceholderReturn value
{web_uuid}Gives the full device identifier

Example: 4d1615ab-ee78-49aa-a10f-d57035322a42
{platform}Indicates if the activity happened on mobile or web

Example: web