Set up FreakOut

FreakOut is a network and Adjust module partner. Our integration lets FreakOut receive attribution and in-app event data through automated callbacks.

Use our basic setup instructions to turn on Adjust’s integration and send callbacks to FreakOut. Then, use our advanced setup instructions to customize what information FreakOut receives.

Basic setup

To turn on Adjust’s integration with FreakOut, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > ADD PARTNERS
  3. Select the add (+) icon next to FreakOut
  4. Enter your DMP APP ID and USER ID (for help finding these, contact your FreakOut representative)
  5. Optional: see advanced setup to customize your callbacks
  6. Select Save

Well done! Basic setup is complete. Now you can create an Adjust tracker URL and submit it to FreakOut to launch your campaign.

FreakOut will receive callbacks for these activities:

  • install
  • session
  • reattribution
  • event

List of all parameters forwarded to FreakOut

FreakOut requires Adjust to send the following parameters (data points) with your callbacks:

{currency}Original ISO 4217 currency code sent from Adjust SDK
{idfa||gps_adid}IDFA, or GPS ADID if IDFA is empty
{partner_parameters}Custom partner parameters collected by the Adjust SDK or S2S request and transmitted to third party providers via postbacks
{revenue}Revenue, as sent from Adjust SDK in cents