How to troubleshoot your Adjust callbacks
If you are not receiving the callbacks or the correct values for your parameters, please check that:
  • You have whitelisted the Adjust callback IPs
    • As an additional security measure, you can restrict the incoming callbacks to the specific span of Adjust callback IPs. This way, you can identify Adjust’s servers and prevent your servers from recording fraudulent data from a non-Adjust source.
    • All Adjust callbacks are executed from two subnets. Use these subnets to create a whitelist in your receiving servers. The subnets are:
  • The special characters are correctly placed and have not been unintentionally encoded
  • There are no misplaced ampersands or spaces
  • The placeholder is correct, as seen in our placeholder list
  • The placeholder information is available at the time you are requesting the callback. For example, click callbacks cannot include the {installed_at} timestamp. 
  • The parameters in use are recognized by your internal system
  • Callback URLs begin with https://
Note: Adjust cannot forward callbacks larger than 1MB.

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