Push notification support

Push notifications are messages that your app sends directly to a user's device interface. Since push notifications allow you to communicate with your current customers, you're able to deliver custom promotions that deeplink users back into your app. Use Adjust to track and evaluate your most targeted push campaign using the setup instructions below.

Set up Adjust tracking for push notifications


    • Confirm that your app's Adjust SDK has been configured for deeplink reattribution
      • You can find instructions for iOS and Android in our READMEs
    • Identify your deeplink—in our example, the URL is myshoppingapp://super/exclusive/discount
    • For iOS version 9 and above, confirm that you have integrated universal links into your app. If you are running a push notification campaign on iOS, then Adjust recommends following our instructions for setting up direct links or cross-platform direct links.

    Pro tip: 

    • If you would like to export custom user lists, as identified by their individual push notification token, (using the Adjust Audience Builder) then confirm that your app is set up to send a push token (device token for iOS or registration token for Android) to the Adjust SDK
      • You can find instructions for iOS and Android in our READMEs
    Instructions  Note: The following instructions contain a minimum-length tracker token. Always use the the entire tracker token as displayed in your Adjust Campaign Wizard.

    ​​In the Adjust dashboard
    1. Identify the top-level tracker URL that you want to use to track your campaign or use QUICK CREATE in the Adjust Campaign Wizard to create a top-level tracker and copy the tracker token to your clipboard. In our example, the tracker token is abc123:
    In your preferred text editor
    1. Append adjust_tracker=your_token to the query string of your deeplink 
    1. Optional: Append specialized Adjust campaign parameters—full list of accepted parameters below
      Parameter nameFunction
      adjust_campaigncampaign-level structure parameter
      adjust_adgroupadgroup-level structure parameter
      adjust_creativecreative-level structure parameter

    Once complete, copy your final Adjust tracker URL (example above) to your clipboard and submit it to your push notification provider to track your push notification campaign.

    Pro tip: For instant reattribution, integrate Adjust SDK version 4.11.4 (or higher) and set your inactive user definition to 0. (All earlier versions of the Adjust SDK require 30 minutes of inactivity before users are eligible for reattribution). 

    Note: Upon app open, the Adjust SDK will retrieve the tracker token and submit it to our servers for reattribution. Since Adjust's servers do not receive incoming click data for these campaigns, you will not see any clicks recorded for these inventories, only reattributions.

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