Ad revenue reporting
See mobile ad revenue and the real lifetime value of your users with Adjust’s ironSource integration. When linked to your ironSource account, Adjust displays aggregated ad revenue metrics like ad impressions and ad revenue. You can also send unaggregated, device-level data through callbacks to your BI or cloud storage system.

For setup instructions, see our Ad revenue tracking article.

Note: Ad revenue reporting is only available to Adjust clients who have purchased our ad revenue package. For more information, please contact

View and interpret your ad revenue data in Deliverables

Adjust’s ad revenue package adds the following key performance indicators (KPIs) to your deliverables:
  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Revenue
  • Ad RPM
Additional information on where to find your ad revenue statistics and explanations of the relevant KPIs can be found in our Deliverables reporting sections.

Note: Ad revenue statistics do not appear in your Cohorts, Audience Builder, Fraud Prevention, or Cost views.


Why does my Adjust dashboard show less ad revenue than ironSource?

Adjust does not record ad revenue for users without device IDs (e.g., iOS users who enable Limit Ad Tracking). This ad revenue still appears on ironSource, which may result in discrepancies when compared to the Adjust dashboard.


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