Statistics is where you'll find all the information Adjust tracks for your advertising campaigns and in-app events. Some of the most essential features for exploring your campaign success reside in this section of your dashboard. It is where you can delve into your key performance indicators (KPIs) for your campaigns and in-app events, your ad spend and ROI, and your users’ in-app experience. 

Find your statistics

You can navigate to your app statistics a couple of ways. 

In the Adjust dashboard: 

  • Navigate to your app, select your app options caret (^), then select Statistics
  • Select MENU to open the main navbar (left-hand side) > Statistics, then select your preferred app

What you will see in your statistics

Along the top of the statistics view, you will see either two to four tabs, (depending on your Adjust attribution package):
  • Deliverables
  • Fraud Prevention (Only accounts with the Fraud Prevention Suite)
  • Cost
  • Cohorts
All of these pages hold four icons in the top-right corner. Their functions, from left to right, are:
  • Create View
  • Download CSV
  • Toggle View
  • Filter
Create View: When you have customized your table or graph with filters, this function allows you to save your settings as a new tab along the top of the table.

Download CSV: This provides a simple way to download a CSV report of the view you are currently viewing in your browser. This can either be a Snapshot (the data exactly as you see it) or a Drill Down (exports your data divided into the lowest-level trackers available).

Toggle View: By default, your data is displayed in a table. Select the view button to toggle to the graph format, which provides a more visual representation of your data. This is particularly useful when you are looking for a quick overview of how your key performance indicators (KPIs) are changing over time.

Filter: This button opens the filters sidebar, which is your doorway to customizing the data displayed in your graph or table. Here you can change your timezone, select how your data is sorted, and add data from automatic KPIs or custom in-app events. All the available filters are covered in detail in our individual statistics guides.


When you open your statistics page, the first thing you will see is your deliverables view. This is the primary overview of your campaigns and in-app activity. The table’s rows comprise your tracked sources, while the columns consist of Adjust-provided KPIs and your own custom in-app event data.

See our deliverables reporting guide for more information.

Fraud prevention

Our Fraud Prevention Suite analytics are presented in this view. Head here to see how many installs and reattributions our fraud-prevention technology has rejected. Each row represents a tracker, and each column a KPI.


The cost view is where you can track your ad spend. For data to appear here, you will need to have a Business Pro pricing plan (or higher) and to have set up ad spend tracking for your mobile ad campaigns—If you want to track ad spend, reach out to your AM or contact

In the default view, each row contains ad spend data per network and every column contains a cost KPI.

This view allows you to track how much you are spending per ad network and provides a convenient glimpse of your ROI.

See our ad spend tracking section to get set up and see our ad spend reporting guide for information on how to make the best use of these metrics.


The cohorts view is where you can analyze how your users interact with your app over time.

Scroll from left to right to see how your users’ in-app behavior evolves, starting from their time of install. Use filters to organize your cohorts in different ways, such as by tracked source, install date, or platform. Then, select cohort-specific KPIs, like retention rate, the average amount of time spent per session, or even lifetime value.

See our cohort reporting section for more information on making the most of this sophisticated measurement tool.

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