Track MoPub ad revenue

Adjust offers an SDK to SDK integration with MoPub (available in Adjust SDK version 4.18.0+ and MoPub SDK version 5.7.0+). 

For detailed setup instructions, see our developer guides: 

Export your ad revenue data

There are two ways to export your ad revenue data: Note: MoPub sends one callback per impression and the data is real time.

To export user-level ad revenue data, append placeholders to your callback strings or include them in your CSV definition:
Adjust placeholderValue delivered
{revenue_float}Revenue in whole currency units, as reported by the Adjust SDK
{revenue}Revenue in cents, as reported by the Adjust SDK
{currency}Original ISO 4217 currency code reported by the Adjust SDK
{revenue_usd}Revenue in US dollars
{revenue_usd_cents}Revenue in US cents
{reporting_currency}Revenue in whole currency units, as reported in the Adjust dashboard
{ad_impressions_count}Number of mobile ads served to end users
{ad_revenue_network}Ad network that displayed the ad
{ad_revenue_unit}Ad unit that generated the revenue
{ad_revenue_placement}User placement as defined on the platform
{ad_mediation_platform}Mediation platform name
{ad_revenue_payload}Impression-level revenue data (ILRD) as a JSON


How do I receive device-level ad revenue data?

Adjust sends device-level ad revenue data through real-time callbacks and CSV uploads. To access individual purchase data directly from your BI system and/or cloud storage solution, follow our export instructions above. Note that your Adjust dashboard only displays aggregated data.

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