Tracking pre-installed apps for Android

Pre-install tracking lets you use Android's broadcast capabilities to track your campaigns on Android mobile devices.

Here you'll learn how to configure your app, set up tracking for any apps pre-installed on mobile devices, and automatically send callback data for your pre-install campaigns to any third party.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


  • An Android app
  • A pre-install partner
  • An Adjust tracker URL

Set up pre-install tracking with your partner

First, set up your app to support Android's INSTALL_REFERRER intent and find a pre-install partner capable of broadcasting one. You'll create a tracker URL and pass it off to this partner before you can begin the tracking process.

Support the Adjust Broadcast Receiver

Configure the Adjust SDK’s broadcast receiver to receive the INSTALL_REFERRER intent. The intent passes key information to Adjust for categorizing your attribution data. If your pre-install configures their intent correctly, it should fire at app install.

Note: You can register multiple broadcast receivers to listen to the same INSTALL_REFERRER

Set up your pre-install campaign tracker URLs

  1. Create and customize your Adjust tracker URLs
  2. Include the two required parameters: your utm_source (either adjust_preinstall or adjust_store) and the Adjust tracker token in your URLs
  3. Copy your Adjust tracker token and share it/them with your pre-install partner
In the above example, abc123 is the tracker token (tokens are six or seven characters long).

Nice work! Now that you've shared your tracker tokens with your pre-install partner and they've implemented the INSTALL_REFERRER, we can receive install information and begin attributing your data.

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